Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is used to help people who have decisions to make, particular problems either at work or personally that are affecting work, or are at a crossroads in their lives. It is about making and maintaining change and action. It is fully embedded into corporate life, but the benefits are being noted within the NHS for both staff and patient care.

It is not only for those who are struggling but also for those who feel they have more to achieve or simply want to maintain/maximise their achievements whether professional or personal.

The mentoring relationship is built on mutual respect, honesty and understanding; the support you’ll receive will be completely confidential. We’ll always endeavor to find you a mentor who works at different Trust and in a different specialty. We also remind everyone who takes part that it’s crucial to remember that in any mentoring relationship the person seeking mentorship needs to drive the agenda, not the mentor.

What does the programme involve?

We use registrar coaches to help the approachability and take up of the scheme while maintaining the principle that coach and coachee are equal; this also emphasises that this scheme is about support and is independent of your training and appraisal.

You will have up to three hour long meetings with your coach or mentor at a mutually convenient location and time. If either you or your mentor would like to stop the relationship for whatever reason after any meeting, we operate a no-blame culture and this will be handled confidentially and sensitively. If you’d still like to continue, we’ll introduce you to another mentor or coach.

The coaching and mentoring service is free to all North West London trainees.

How to apply

If you’d like a coach or mentor, or if you have any questions about our coaching and mentoring service, please send an email to:

Further information

Our coaching and mentoring initiative is supported and funded by the Professional Support Unit for Health Education North West London, Health Education North Central and North East London and Health Education South London.


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