Post take ward round simulation training

Our post take ward round simulation training has been designed specifically for general internal medicine trainees in North West London, and is set to help prepare trainees for a consultant role.

The post take ward round is one of the most challenging tasks that you, as a new medical consultant, will have to undertake. You’ll be expected to deal with multiple presentations, with limited information, tired night-staff and an on-call team that you may not know.

The training simulates a ward-round which you’ll take part in, and you can expect to receive feedback simultaneously. The training is not intended to test your diagnostic abilities, but instead, demonstrate and improve the non-clinical aspects of your professional practice.

The training will also involve some on the job training; you’ll act up as the consultant on post take ward rounds and receive direct verbal and written feedback from several members of the team. The feedback can contribute towards your professional development plan (PDP) and also your application portfolios.

The training has been closely mapped to the general internal medicine curriculum. It will provide you with good evidence for your PYA.

How to take part

If you’re a North West London general internal medicine trainee and you’re interested in taking part, please contact the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Lead Provider team here.

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