Support for Doctors in Training

These are support services, locally and nationally, that are tailored specifically for doctors

Within London

NHS Practitioner Health Programme
A free and confidential NHS service for any registered medical practitioner living or working within the London Deanery (inside the M25) with issues that may relate to a mental or physical health concerns or addiction problems, particularly where these might be affecting work. Experienced GPs and mental health workers, with expertise in treating health professionals, run the service.

All new referrals are assessed within 48 hours.  It is a self-referral service.  Appointments can be arranged through the PHP website:
Or calling:  020 3049 4505

Occupational Mental Health Service (PHP HEE London)
A short-term interventions service for doctors requiring help with mental health or addiction difficulties, with onward referrals to longer-term therapies if it is required.

It is a strictly confidential service available for all doctors with a current London training number.  All new referrals are assessed within 48 hours.  It is self-referral service, either by:
Phone: 020 3049 4505

Professional Support Unit London
Provides help for the professional development of clinicians within London, throughout all stages of their career.  Available resources include:

  • Careers advice
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Individual support team
  • Communication skills assistance

All the services are only available by self-referral.  Further information can be found on their website
Or contacting the PSU team by:
Phone: 0207 866 3271


BMA Counselling Service and Doctors Advisory Service
Help, personal support or counselling from trained telephone counsellor.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Peer support from a trained Doctor-Adviser for doctors in distress or difficulty.
All calls are confidential. Call 08459 200 169 (landline: 01455 254 189)

British Doctors and Dentists Group
A support society for doctors and dentists who are recovering, or wish to recover, from addiction/dependency on alcohol or other drugs.  The confidentially of all group members is strictly retained.

Hope 4 Medics
A support group for doctors with disabilities.

Doctors Support Group
Aims to provide support and assistance for medical professionals facing suspension, exclusion, investigation of complaints and/or allegations of professional misconduct

Doctors Support Network (DSN)
An independent, confidential and friendly self-help group for doctors who have experienced mental distress or mental health problems. The service is for doctors and run by doctors.

Sick Doctors Trust
Confidential support service for doctors concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol.  Telephone advice line 24hours a day and is available to friends, family and colleagues as well as an individual requiring support.
0370 444 5163

Royal colleges

Psychiatrists’ support service, Royal college of psychiatrists
A free, confidential support and advice service for members, trainee members and associates of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who find themselves in difficulty or in need of support personally or professionally.  It is a dedicated phone helpline, where calls are kept separate from the main College phone line.
Phone: 020 7245 0412

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Mentoring Scheme
For obstetricians and gynaecologists who are experiencing difficulties in relation to their work.  Mentors are Fellows or Members of the College who have had mentoring training.
Phone: 020 7772 6369 

Royal College of Surgeons Confidential Support and Advice Services for Surgeons (CSAS)
A confidential telephone line as a point of personal contact between surgeons, which is intended to offer a listening ear and act as an informed signpost to appropriate sources of advice and support.
Phone: 020 7869 6030

Additional resources available

  • Within each hospital trust there is an Occupational Health Service accessible to all trust employees
  • Educational Supervisors and Training Programme Directors can provide initial support and a source of contact for further guidance
  • Multiple organisations, support groups and charities are available for physical and mental health conditions, and addiction problems, which are not aimed at solely for medical professionals. These are signposted on the webpages of the majority of the organisations listed above.

Prepared by: Dr Eleanor Nash, Lead Provider Education Fellow

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