Acute internal medicine

Welcome to the Imperial Lead Provider acute medicine training programme.

Postgraduate medical trainees have the option to practice acute internal medicine (AIM) as a sole specialty or general internal medicine (GIM) with another specialty.

Both AIM and GIM trainees are expected to develop the skills to provide care for patients presenting an acute medical problem for up to 72 hours. However, only AIM consultants are required to:

  • Lead in the care of acutely ill patients.
  • Become the clinical and organisational lead for the assessment wards and the acute medicine unit (AMU),
  • Act as the lead clinician for the organisation of acute care throughout the hospital.

AIM training normally follows core medicine or acute care common stem (ACCS) training, where trainees are taught to recognise and diagnose common medical conditions. In subsequent AIM higher specialty training, trainees build on core competencies and acquire skills in the treatment and management of inpatient complex acute medical problems and advanced practical skills that are directly relevant to acute medicine. There is also emphasis on the application and complications of:

  • Pharmacological agents in patients with multi-system disease
  • Patient safety
  • Prevention of acute illness
  • Management of acute complications in patients who are already in hospital
  • Patients presenting in an unscheduled manner
  • Critical care

Furthermore, specific management and organisational and leadership competencies include: reviewing patient pathways and developing different management strategies for acute medical problems including the development and implementation of ambulatory care protocols.


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