Genito-Urinary medicine

Welcome to the North West London Genito-Urinary medicine specialty training programme.

We prepare postgraduate trainees for a career in Genito-Urinary medicine which involves the investigation and management of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Trainees will spend the majority of their time working in outpatient clinics, including: young people’s clinics, genital dermatoses services, sexual dysfunction and psychosexual medicine services and outreach services for sex workers and drug users. However, they also gain experience in HIV infection inpatient care.

In addition, trainees develop public health skills, they will be required to work with our partners to collect and report surveillance data in order to detect changing trends of infections.

The programme also covers the following core skills and knowledge:

  • Patient education
  • Health promotion
  • STI/HIV prevention and screening e.g. chlamydia screening programme
  • HPV vaccination
  • National cervical screening programme
  • Drug, alcohol and smoking use

Genito-Urinary medicine training and events

Getting your place

It is essential that Genito-Urinary medicine  trainees have good interpersonal skills, are able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and have good communication skills.  It is also essential to be non-judgemental and feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues such as sex.

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