Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Welcome to the North West London obstetrics and gynaecology training programme led by Imperial Lead Provider. We are committed to delivering excellence in training and education to produce the obstetrics and gynaecology consultants of the future.


Our basic (ST1-2), intermediate (ST-3-5) and advanced (ST6-8) obstetrics and gynaecology programmes meet all curriculum requirements set by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to ensure a comprehensive training experience.

Our aim is to supplement the exceptional clinical skills gained at both general and sub-speciality level with non-practical skills to produce doctors who are able to give the best all-round patient care. We use simulation debriefs and inter-professional learning to enhance team skills and improve communication.

Innovation & leadership

Throughout your training you will have access to lots of opportunities that can help build and develop your skillset. You will have the option to take part in one of our innovative service improvement projects which explore the challenges of service delivery. You can also complete a leadership development programme which will provide you will the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to operate as a clinical leader.

Academic opportunities

We will help you expand your portfolio by providing lots of academic opportunities. We will encourage you to:

  • perform clinical research
  • achieve PhD or MD qualifications
  • become an educator who can help manage and shape the programme as well as teach future obstetrics and gynaecology trainees.

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