The North London urology training programme is the largest in England; we currently have 48 training positions.

The programme is split into four rotations:urology trainees learning from a consultant

  • North West (Imperial)
  • North Central
  • North East
  • Institute of Urology

Each rotation offers plenty of opportunities to gain tertiary referral centre and sub-specialty training experience.


The programme is continuously reviewed to ensure high quality training delivery.

Teaching, training locations and trainee appraisals are managed by two training programme group chairs and a sub-specialist training programme director (TPD).

Three consecutive gold medals for the Trust’s urology trainees

In the recent Fellowship with The Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) examinations Hazel Ecclestone, specialist registrar at the Trust, was awarded the Gold Medal, a prestigious prize that is awarded only in instances of exceptional performance.

As a result of the high quality of urology postgraduate teaching and training at the Trust, this is the third time in a row that the Gold Medal has been awarded to a trainee from the Trust’s Urological Specialist Surgical Training Programme.  The previous winners were Tina Rashid and Erik Mayer, both of whom are now consultants at the Trust.

Consultant and specialty lead for urology David Hrouda said: “This prestigious recognition is not awarded at every sitting of the exam, but reserved for outstanding all-round performance and was well-deserved by these trainees. Congratulations to the winners!”

The exemplary training programme is delivered under the umbrella of Imperial lead provider which accomodates 26 specialties and has implemented innovative hands-on teaching methods, making use of simulators and cutting-edge technology. Trainees also experience paired-learning which spans professional groups to provide a bigger picture understanding of the surgical department and produce consultants fit for the modern NHS.

Mathias Winkler, adjunct reader urology and specialty training programme director North London said: “I am thrilled that these individuals have been recognised for all their hard-work and expertise. These awards also reflect the calibre of the training programme we offer here at Imperial Lead Provider, which we are continually driving to be the best.”

This third consecutive trainee award comes just after the Trust’s urological surgery team out performed twenty competitors to win this year’s Cancer Research Excellence in Surgical Trials (CREST) award from the National Institute for Health Research- Cancer (NIHR CRN).

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